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Cassava starch processing line
Cassava starch processing line

Cassava starch processing line using the wet process of the starch production, no need to add any additives, the entire process of cassava starch processing line is mature technology, advanced equipment, scientific, rational process. Starch production process is the cleaning-the broken solution-screening-concentrated refined-dehydration-drying six section design. Especially for crushing section, national pantent curved mesh crusher is used to broken solution and screening section, smash through the multi-level,multi leval filtering, multi-stage extrusion followed by a unique process cycle, with low energy consumption, higher starch extraction rate, starch and good quality, improve cassava starch processing line efficiency and starch extraction rate.

The description of cassava starch processing line:

Scraper lifter

Conveying, Lifting, Adjustable speed

Washing peeler

Drying peeling, Peeling and washing, Do not hurt the material, Material to the next stage automatically

Paddle type washing machine

Rotating by paddles, Full of water, Small defects are cleaning up, Material to the next stage automatically

Inclined squirrel cage washing machine

2 ways of washing, Washing length reach to 20m, Washing and lifting, Material to the next stage

Curved mesh compressor

2 ways of crushing, 3 steps of compressing, Times of washing, Several national patents owned, Low energy and highly efficiency with fully automatic

Sand removing cyclone

Series connection, Fastener individually, Whiten the milk in considerable level, Need pump low in high out

Milk Filter

Stainless steel I, Brush and mesh double filtering system, Worked together with mixing pump, 2.2KW Lv4, Residues and milk automatically separated

Hexagonal filter

Stainless steel, Rotary mesh with water piped in, Micro filtering system to make sure residues can not get through

Starch hydro cyclone

Refining, connection, whiten, quality better and high efficiency, Remove yellow from the starch milk, Makes the workflow 2-3 times faster, Replace precipitation pools to reduce your cost, Low energy

Vacuum dehydrator

stepless speed, stainless steel, high concentration ability, 40% moisture max, only suitable for liquid materials, micro condense on the mesh firmed on surface

Airflow drying system

Hot air suked in along with max, 50%moisture fed in, digital control to make sure the powder can not be bumt, flash speed powder go through the drying tower, more than 10 m high, dry powder collected 2 ways after sieving

Automatic weighing and packing Machine

Automatic weighing and calculating, large adjustable weighing scope from 5-50kg, hand seal

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