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Introduction of gari processing in west Africa and Nigeria:

A popular food among the low-income groups in west Africa and Nigeria, it is made by fermenting grated cassava tubers, semidextrinizing the mash by heat and finally drying the product to a type of meal. In rural areas, the roots are peeled and grated, and the pulp is put into a large cloth bag and set in the sun to drain and to ferment. When the pulp is sufficiently dry, it is removed from the sack for final drying on a low fire. Fermentation liberates the hydrocyanic acid at low pH and develops the characteristic flavour of gari. It is carried out first by cassava bacteria (Corynebacrerium manihot) that attack the starch with the production of lactic and formic acids, and then by a fungus (Geotricium candida) that acts when the pH has fallen to about 4.2, increasing the acidification and producing the characteristic aroma. Hydrogen cyanide is liberated during fermentation through the spontaneous hydrolysis of the cyanogenic glucoside of cassava at a low pH value. Many attempts are being made in Nigeria to mechanize gari production under hygienic conditions as well as to fortify this low-nutrition food with a protein additive.
Our company developed edible gari processing plant line which aim at Africa local abundent cassava source. The newest food grade gari processing plant solve daily staple food and develop cassava usage and processing. Gari processing plant using the wet process of production, do not add any additives, the entire process is mature technology, advanced equipment, scientific, rational process. Production process is the cleaning-the broken solution-dehydration-frying-grinding-packaging nine section design.
Gari processing plant equipment introduction:
a. Belt conveyor: 1. Conveying 2. Lifting 3. adjustable speed   
b. Paddle Type washing machine: 1. rotating by paddles 2. full of water 3. Small defects are cleaning up 4. Material to the next stage automatically
c. Scraper lifter: 1. two ways of washing 2. Washing length reach to 20m 3. Washing and lifting 4. Material to the next stage automatically
d. Washing peeler: 1. peeling 2. washing 3. do not hurt the material 4. material to the next stage automatically
e. Primary grinder: 1. two ways of crushing 2. Several national patents owned 3. Low energy and high efficiency with fully automatic
f. Dewatering: By using the principle of hydraulic and self-weight, nofilter chamber cavity, will directly press and squeeze the water under putting the material into the filter bag to further reduce the moisture content.
g. Fryer: 1. Double layers with “+’ type mixer 2. Speed automatically controlled 3. Multi heat resources can be selected 4. 24 hours continuous work available
h. Automatic packing machine: 1. Automatic weighing and calculating 2. Large adjustable weighing scope from 5-50kg 3. Hand seal, Packing garri in different bags.

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