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The potato starch production comprises the steps such as delivery and unloading potatoes, cleaning, rasping of tubers, potato juice separation, starch extraction, starch milk rafination, dewatering of refined starch milk and starch drying.

The potato starch production supply chain varies significantly by region. For example, potato starch in Europe is produced from potatoes grown specifically for this purpose. However, in the US, potatoes are not grown for potato starch production and manufacturers must source raw material from food processor waste streams. The characteristics of these waste streams can vary significantly and require further processing by the US potato starch manufacturer to ensure the end-product functionality and specifications are acceptable.

Here is the introduction of potato starch production machinery:

step 1- sorting: The roots are sorted to select wholesome roots for processing.

step 2- weighing: The sorted roots are weighed.

step 3- peeling: The roots are peeled to remove the peels.

step 4- grating: The peeled roots are grated to produce a smooth mash.

step 5- extracting: The mash is discharged into a starch extractor to extract the starch.

step 6- sedimentation: The starch milk is allowed to settle forming two layers i.e. the top free supernatant liquid and the thick starch slurry.

step 7- dewatering: The supernatant layer of liquid is removed by siphoning off the liquid with rubber hose and the thick slurry obtained is dewatered to reduce its moisture content.

step 8- granulating: The “cake” is mechanically reduced in size to produce fine granules of greater surface area.

The granulated cake is mechanically dried in a mechanical dryer to reduce its moisture content to about 8 – 10 per cent.

step 9- milling: The dried product is milled to desired particle size (if necessary).

step 10-packaging: The starch is packaged appropriately.

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